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Capital Innovation & Technology Institute LLC

New Fund Raising Systems for Small Business Capital Campaigns

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Small Business Access to Capital

Small businesses offer solutions to our problems.  Without capital, these small businesses cannot start and cannot grow.  Without innovation, we are left to solve problems with existing products and services.

We offer innovative systems, funding models and educational programs that enable small businesses to efficiently and effectively conduct capital campaigns that can attain their capital goals. 

Join us in improving access to capital by small businesses.


The Capital Innovation & Technology Insitute is currently focusing its efforts on the rapid development and publication of educational programs to assist small businesses in obtaining funding from government disaster relief programs.

We have produced the Small Business Pandemic Survival Kit which is published on the Knowledge Avatars platform.  The Kit begins with the SBA Economic Injury Disaster Loan program.   The Kit is updated as new government programs arer modified or established.

We have established the Small Business Pandemic Recovery Fund LLC as a for profit business with a breakeven business model to raise money to fund our efforts.


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The Capital Innovation & Technology Institute is currently developing a Capital Matching system and that will improve pairing of small businesses with capital sources that are motivated to make their capital availsble in their own self interest.


Funding Models

The Capital Innovation & Technology Institute is developing and field testing new funding models that address key needs of local communities: workforce housing, innovation hubs, skills training, future infrastructure, etc. 

Funding Models

Skills Training

The Capital Innovation & Technology Insitute is developing and publishing educational programs that enable small businesses to obtain capital from different capital sources.

Skills Training


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