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New Funding Approaches to Starting and Growing Small Businesses


Motivated Money is an approach to raising capital created by Karl Dakin. This approach focuses on rasing money from 'stakeholders' that stand to gain from the success of an organization without making an investment. These investor candidates have a greater motivation to make an investment because they stand to attain two benefits - a return on investment and whatever other benefit that may result. 

Soon, Karl Dakin will be presenting a weekly podcast series on Motivated Money.  In each episode, an entrepreneur is interviewed about their capital campaign with a discussion about how it can be improved using the Motivated Money approach.

A link to all Motivated Money Podcasts will be displayed here as soon as production of the first episodes is completed.

If you are interested in being a guest on the Motivated Money Podcast where you may be interviewed by Karl Dakin on the design, staging or management of your capital campaign, please contact Karl Dakin.


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