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New Fund Raising Systems for Small Business Capital Campaigns

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The world is currently experiencing a major economic disaster as a result of the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic.  Businesses are closing, suspending or restricting operations as social distancing is mandated by governments to mitigate the impact of the Pandemic. 

As demonstrated by other disasters such as 9/11 and hurricanes, businesses will suffer an interruption or decrease in revenues with a reduction of profits and possible losses that commonly lead to the failure of those businesses.  The negative impact on small businesses and rural communities are commonly greater than larger businesses and urban communities.

If you are a small business and would like assistance in raising money through government disaster relief programs go to this page.

Pandemic Kit and Quick Guides

If you would like to additional resources that may be used in raising money from government disaster relief programs to this page.

Additional Resources

If would like to review case studies of small businesses applications for funding from government disaster relief programs to to this page.

Case Studies

If you would like to download forms required by small businesses to apply for help from government disaster relief programs go to this page.

Pandemic Forms

If you would like to invest in a fund that will cover the cost of development and public of educational materials on small business assistance programs to to this page.

Pandemic Fund

To mitigate the negative impact on the economy, local, state and federal governments will establish new disaster relief programs to aid businesses.  Announcements have already been made by the United States Small Business Administration (SBA) regarding such programs. 

Time in accessing immediate funding is critical to achieving mitigation.  Analysis of post-disaster damage and disruptive impacts on the operating status of small businesses after Hurricane Katrina


Small businesses will need assistance in identification, qualification and accessing these programs as a new source of capital.  Without assistance, small businesses may:

  •      Be unaware of the programs,
  •      Not understand how to access the programs,
  •      Lack the time and resources to successfully apply to and gain funding from the programs, and
  •      Be delayed in accessing the programs until the benefit is too late

The Capital Innovation and Technology Institute plans to develop and publish a series of Guides that will assist small businesses in accessing capital from government disaster relief programs with funding provided by investors.

We currently project that the Pandemic will peak by the end of May 2020 and that the demand for our products and services will peak by the end of July 2020.  During this time, small businesses may experience losses equal to or greater than four months of their current operating costs.   With 'social distancing' programs implemented by the government, the duration of the Pandemic may be extended.

We are currently engaged in ASAP operations in the identification of the disaster relief government programs, in the development of Guides, in creating all documents/communications that promote the Fund offering and in the sale of the Guides, the buildout of infrastructure to support operations and the recruitment of qualified capital coaches. 

You may purchase a Guide here:

Pandemic Guides

You may make an investment in the Fund here:

Pandemic Fund


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